Strengthen your knowledge

The aim is to strengthen the ability to solve specific problems and increase knowledge regarding the safety of our valves .

Learn by means of experience

Assimilate knowledge interactively manipulating sectioned products and participating in live demonstrations , capable of displaying the theoretical explanations .

Practical application

Optimize performance and perform maintenance without removing the valve from the line reduces costs and improves efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment.

TRAINING COURSES : customized solutions

Our courses are not pre- structured with a closed agenda. We agreed the contents with you and from that point our specialists develop the necessary educational work. That is, adapting the content to the ideas that you want to develop combining aspects of different courses and offering a truly personalized training.

Theoretical courses: knowledge of different construction systems in globe valves , gate, check and combined from ½ "to -3" and from 2 "to 30")

Workshops: Removing and installing valves. Possible problems and repair.

Installation of electric and pneumatic actuators: Regulation of the actuators depending on the type of valve.

Our valves are designed so that all maintenance work can be performed without replacing components and without removing the valve.

We training you and your team to acquire the knowledge necessary to obtain the maximum performance from day one .

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